Instructions Before going to a River

Going to a river is a wonderful thing to do when on a vacation. Here are the things that we have to follow when going to such place:

We must bring extra clothes or swimming clothes. Some people do not bring extra clothes when they go to swim. Actually, bringing extra clothes even though not go and swim is a wise attitude. Clothes can be used in many ways in an emergency situation.

Bring Food. Wandering will make us go hungry and we can bring any snack we could bring in order to alleviate our hunger. Water is even more important than food. This is what we should never forget to bring.

Always follow the instructions or regulations in a river if there are. Not all rivers have because some are not commercialized. However, commercialized river may have them. Failure to follow instruction causes trouble.

Go to a river with someone. Whatever is your purpose in going to a river, make sure that you have to go with someone. There are times that you will really need other’s help.

Never swim if you do not know how. There are people who are really very curious of swimming but this is always the cause of an accident.

Never go to a river during rainy season. During rainy season, there are slippery way so it can also create an inconvenience in the travel and it can spoil your day. It is better to be careful than being so reckless.

Make sure there is a first aid kit. It will always be used in case of an emergency.