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How to Promote Environmental Clean-up for Rivers

Where there is a problem, there the solution. The problem started from human deeds. Therefore, it should be solved by human deeds. If there is tomorrow, then people will still have to do something to save the planet. How then can we do it? This will happen if we promote environmental clean up. It will start of course within us. It will work if everybody participates. However, people has already lost their love. There has been too many environmental clean ups that were done voluntarily to set an example but nothing has happened.

Although many try to set an example and promote clean ups to help rivers, oceans and seas to survive because water should be preserved since life is run by water. It is always a hope that people would really think of it but there is no manifestation of change. Kids have to help themselves in this matter so that they can grow up practicing it and teach to their children. This is how we can help our future be reached or else our life will be until the present.

We promote environmental clean up by installing many garbage bin and bags all around so that people will have somewhere to throw their trash. Hope that people will not be leaving their trashes anywhere and hope that people will be able to notice think that discipline is very a high value. Environmental clean up will be established depending on the mindset of each and every person. Hope also that no country would be throwing their garbage to another country.

Top 5 Countries of Dirtiest Rivers on Earth

In the beginning, rivers and any body of water was so clean. However, as thousands of years went by, rivers were contaminated and polluted. Perhaps, no one can block this phenomena. We have to be developed and industrialized. However, this is the consequence. What is to blame? All rivers have been contaminated but here are the dirtiest rivers on earth.

Pasig River. Pasig river in the Philippines is found to be one of the dirtiest river in the world according to statistics.

It is filled with numerous kinds of garbage such as clothing, plastic bags, plastic bottles and so forth and so on.

Buriganga River. A famous river in Bangladesh as one of the cleanest rivers in the past but after the nation established businesses establishments, the area was covered with all sorts of trash like that of the Pasig river.

Ganges river. This is the most populated river in across India able to kill people that gets contact with the water from it. This is because there are numerous chemicals that are here and and various waste can not be explained.

Ganges, India

Sarno River. This is the dirtiest river in Europe suffering from different kinds of waste. It is flowing through the city river, Pompei which is one of the factor that affects the life of the river, although Italy is one of the most beautiful country in Europe.

Citarium River. Indonesia is considered one of the dirtiest nations in the world. It is seen through their rivers but this river is the representative river in the country.