Cleanest Rivers to Swim in

Rivers for a pleasant day. Where can we find rivers that can accommodate people to swim? Boating with friends and touring for landscape capture? Here are the best rivers where anyone will be amazed:

Patagonia River. In Argentina lies this river of clean and clear water. For the past centuries, this river had been the source of living of Argentinians since this river was good for washing body and clothes. They used to swim here with the creatures under the river. Now, people can go boating and they can even do camping on the land.

Amazon River. Amazon river is a forest river that flows down for miles. This river is really amazing since people can just dive into it but not all parts are better because somehow there are dangers in it. Except for swimming, it has a very nice view, worthy enough to be the most wonderful river in the world.

Palawan River. This river is being visited by different foreigners coming from around the world. It is because it is one of the wonderful water world to visit. Many people just go for boating going into the cave but at the same time, some go for swimming.

Cenotes X’keken. A river at the cave in Mexico, filled with limestone. It has cool water good for swimming but not for a long time. It is good for visit and good for a landscape story.

Jurassic Coast. In England, a beautiful coast that attracts people’s attention and there are so many people who would make any effort to make sure that they can visit there.

Pont du Gard, France. A river that is perfect for swimming, this river is really established for swimming.